10 Debunked Feminist Lies

10 Debunked Feminist Lies

Someone told me that feminism was created to destroy sexism and misogyny in their lives. So that begs the question; Why is it still around? So many arguments in favor of feminism are based on vague information and flat out lies. Still, don’t believe me? Well, here are some of the most common myths feminists use to defend their stance.

1) “One in four women in college has been the victim of rape or attempted rape.”
Bullshit. This is a lie feminist speakers use when they tour on colleges and universities as a way to brainwash the young women into the feminist way of life early on and making them think rapists are around every corner. This ‘statistic’ is based on a study commissioned by Ms. magazine. The researcher, Mary Koss, who was hand-picked by hardcore feminist Gloria Steinem, acknowledges that 73 percent of the young women she counted as rape victims were not aware they had been raped. Forty-three percent of them were dating their “attacker” again. Rape is a truly horrific crime and creating hysteria based on lies is not a way to prevent it.

2) “Women earn 75 cents for every dollar a man earns.”
AKA The Most Debunked Feminist Lie Ever Told. This figure is seen if you take all the earnings of all women in America and all the earnings of men, men generally earn more then women. However, it never takes into account the difference in jobs and how much they pay, the education of the person, number of hours worked or how many days off they’ve had. Feminists also never acknowledge that paying a woman less than a man for the same work is illegal. Also, women aged 18-30 actually earn more then men do but what happened with quite a few women at around the age of 30? They get married, they settle down, they have kids and some leave work or work less. This would create a difference in pay but no feminist will acknowledge it.

3) “30 percent of emergency room visits by women each year are the result of injuries from domestic violence.”
How is this even allowed? Domestic abuse is a horrible crime and yes, it does affect women more than men but if the number was that high, it would be a major issue that would be all over the media. This made up number is used to make men look evil and hateful in the eyes of women and to always suspect their boyfriend or husband to be an abuser. Real government studies report that the nationwide figure is closer to one percent.

4) “The phrase “rule of thumb” originated in a man’s right to beat his wife provided the stick was no wider than his thumb.”
I’ve never heard of this phrase myself but The Oxford English Dictionary has more than twenty definitions to phrase “rule of thumb” (the earliest from 1692), but not a single one has a mention of beatings, sticks, or husbands and wives.

5) “Women have been shortchanged in medical research.”
Oh my god. Why. I’ll hand this over to “The Myth of Gender Bias in Medicine,” by the Women’s Freedom Network, 1997;
“The National Institutes of Health and drug companies routinely include women in clinical trials that test for the effectiveness of medications. By 1979, over 90% of all NIH-funded trials included women. Beginning in 1985, when the NIH’s National Cancer Center began keeping track of specific cancer funding, it has annually spent more money on breast cancer than any other type of cancer. Currently, women represent over 60% of all subjects in NIH-funded clinical trials.”

6) “Girls have been shortchanged in our gender-biased schools”
No one can look at the education data and conclude that girls are being shortchanged in our schools. Boys are slightly ahead of girls in math and science and girls are dramatically ahead in reading and writing, in fact, the writing skills of 17-year-old boys are at the same level as 14-year- old girls. Girls get better grades, they have higher aspirations, and they are more likely to go to college. Not exactly ‘shortchanged’, are they.

7) “Our schools are training grounds for sexual harassment… boys are rarely punished, while girls are taught that it is their role to tolerate this humiliating conduct.”
Now, this I both agree and disagree with this. I admit that telling girls to not wear ‘revealing’ clothing because it can distract boys is bullshit. If they get distracted from their tests by a pair of legs, that’s his fault, not the girls. But to say that schools allow sexual harassment is ridiculous. Surveys have revealed that girls are doing almost as much harassing as the boys. According to the study, “85 percent of girls and 76 percent of boys surveyed say they have experienced unwanted and unwelcome sexual behavior that interferes with their lives.”

8) “Girls suffer a dramatic loss of self-esteem during adolescence.”
This myth was created by Carol Gilligan, professor of gender studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, a woman who has always enjoyed higher standing among feminist activists. In 1993, a real researcher of adolescent development reported that; “It is now known that the majority of adolescents of both genders successfully negotiate this developmental period without any major psychological or emotional disorder [and] develop a positive sense of personal identity.”

9) “Gender is a social construction.”
Oh god, not this shit again. While your environment and society can shape you as a person, a growing body of research in neuroscience, endocrinology, and psychology over the past 40 years suggests there is a biological basis for many sex differences in aptitudes and preferences. In general, males have better spatial reasoning skills; females better verbal skills. Males are greater risk takers; females are more nurturing. Of course, this does not mean that women should be prevented from pursuing their goals in any field they choose; what it does suggest is that we should not expect parity in all fields. More women than men will continue to want to stay at home with small children and pursue careers in fields like early childhood education or psychology; men will continue to be over-represented in fields like helicopter mechanics and hydraulic engineering.

10) “Women’s Studies Departments empowered women and gave them a voice in the academy”
Women’s Studies empowered a small group of like-minded feminists who are far more elitist, narrow and closed minded. Vast numbers of moderate or dissident women scholars have been marginalized, excluded and silenced by these people because you must never question them, you just listen. Not every empowering.


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