Social Justice and Communism: Why It’s Dangerous.

When I was younger, about 15-16, I used to think capitalism was an awful system that made the rich richer and the poor poorer. I surrounded myself with people who agreed with me and I even began thinking a communist government would be a far better improvement. God, I was dumb. When I eventually read more into capitalism and communism, I finally saw why communism was a terrible system that has a history of monumental failures that resulted in millions dead and why capitalism is the best system for our society. However, the people who I was friends with disagreed with me, saying I had been brainwashed despite showing them the evidence that changed my mind. They insisted that communism is the best way forward and all past history of it didn’t count because it was done incorrectly and they wouldn’t stop until this current system was eradicated. Their arguments soon turned to insults and I was pretty much shunned by me.

This is one of the reasons why I see these social justice warriors kinda worry me because most of them are believers in socialism and communism when it comes to their ‘perfect’ world, which is why they claim this society is oppressive and patriarchal because it doesn’t comply with their utopia. Now, we all have our vision of a perfect world, for me it’s with no Kim Kardashian but we all know that your idea of a utopia could be someone’s hell, so no one tries to do that. So, if you dare attempt to create one, you are dangerous. Utopians are the most dangerous people and have been for the last 100 years, that is a fact. I’m not saying that capitalism or western society is perfect, there is issues with it and there always will be but compared to a vast majority of other societies, this is the best one, that’s why so many people dream of coming here. Now, you can argue and say that its corrupt and evil but that’s only in comparison to your utopia but if your utopia was actually realized and took place, people would be on the streets starving to death, we already know this because its happened dozens of times, most of which involve communism.

Communism was the result of someone’s utopia which is why it has failed in every society that its been implemented in. Now, I know people will say something stupid like; “What happens in Soviet Russia wasn’t real communism.” Firstly, yes it was, but what they mean by that is that either they or someone they know could do it better. They think people like Stalin didn’t follow the correct communist doctrine and abused it to gain as much control as he could. But they would follow it, they would be a kind dictator who wouldn’t abuse their power to have full control over everything and deliver on this utopia communism promised. If you think that, firstly, there is something wrong with you. Almost EVERY dictator throughout history has said everything you said and yet still, after 20 or so years, they have abused their power and killed anyone who opposed that. And even if you were some sort of good hearted saint who truly wanted to make society better, the next people in your revolutionary string, like Stalin, would stab you in your sleep and gain that control from you and that would be the end of that.

Communism is a dangerous system that would never work even if you try. Many have tried and they’ve all failed and descended into an oppressive dictatorship, no matter who you put in charge of that and millions have died from these failures. Stop trying to make a heavily flawed system work and let it die.


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