Safe Spaces Are Ruining Universities

“If you want a safe space, go see a therapist.” – Professor Jordan B Peterson

For the last few years, students in both college and universities and even some schools have been demanding safe spaces, parts of the building where they can go when they are upset or ‘triggered’, mostly by hurtful words said to them. This has really annoyed me because universities and colleges are meant to be preparing you for the outside world and if you aren’t taught to take a few bad words, how will you function in the workplace? Because employers won’t bother hiring you if you need to leave when you are ‘triggered’. I trained as a chef and if you fucked up, the head chef would yell and swear and berate you in front of the entire class and you had to stand there and take it because no one would hire you if you just cried and ran off.

Safe Spaces are originally supposed to be for people who have gone through genuinely traumatic experiences like soldiers with PTSD or rape victims. So these students claim to have PTSD, despite having no doctor diagnose them and who claim to be raped when in fact they just had consensual sex but later on regretted it. They fake these events so they can have these safe spaces because they can’t handle when someone challenges them intellectually. My most favorite teachers have been the most strictest, mostly my history teacher Mr. Garrison. He was a nice guy who joked a bit with us but he was also strict and firm, challenging everything we knew about history and I learned so much from him.

Universities should be the most radically unsafe space ever. It’s a place where you should be ripped apart intellectually and put back together, every little thing should be challenged. It’s like taking apart a house and rebuilding it to be a much better home. But these SJW’s and their safe spaces are just burning that house to the ground. It’s avoiding the challenge of life and hiding it your echo chamber.

It’s a waste of space.


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