The Catholic Church Is Not A Force Of Good

I do not see the Catholic church as a force for good in the world, I actually see them as the opposite. Now, this isn’t me trying to convert you or anything, if you are religious, I have no issue with that. But I am not. I want to find the moral truth in the world, discover the answers of the unknown through studying science and research and there is nothing more that the Catholic church like to do then stop or at least stall the progress of that. Galileo Galilei was tortured by the church for trying to explain his theory of the universe. Now, many would say that was a long time ago and isn’t important now. All that’s important is the billions of pounds this intuition sends around the world to help the poor and the sick. History is irrelevant.

Well, I disagree with that, history is very important in everything, including religion and the Catholic church. History shows us that the church said that babies who were unbaptized would not know Heaven. The proposed the idea of purgatory, which is not in the Bible and no evidence of it exists, but they said its real, that a soul needs to be prayed for to go to Heaven. And over the last thousand years, you’d be amazed at what generous terms those prayers came at, in today’s terms we’d be talking about two-thirds of a years salary so insure that a loved one went into Heaven. Money could make any loved one get into Heaven, in fact, if you were rich enough, they would build chantry and have monks pray for that loved one.

Now again, you can say that this is all irrelevant now except for one thing, this church was founded on the principle of intercession, only through the apostolic succession, past on from a Galilean carpenter, St. Peter, his bishops and everyone who shares this faith have this ability to forgive the sins of the poor who they routinely exploit around the world. Only this church can have these (only) male priests do this. It is well documented that to these priests, there is no salvation outside the church, that is a dogma of the church that has been used to excuse any crime committed by its members. All the rape and torture of the Aztecs, all the horrors in South America, Africa and the Philippines have been excused because of this.

Now, admittedly, other faiths have committed atrocities throughout history all over the world, Catholicism is not unique in this fact and all the other religions must also admit guilt to it. However, this particular exploitation of the poor, the young and the vulnerable is still going on to this day and no one talks about it. I’ve met a few Catholic priests and they are incredibly nice and polite and respectful, unless you challenge them on their beliefs, some have become quite aggressive with me when I bring up the crimes the church has committed and how they have been able to escape punishment for them.

Do you how many people in the past were burned at the stake for reading the Bible in English? It’s uncountable. One of those burners and torturers was Thomas Moore, famous for being burned alive for refusing to betray his faith. Now, again, you many say that was a long time ago, except that in the last century, Moore was made a saint. And in the year 2000, the Pope made Moore the Saint of Politicians. This was a man who tortured people and burned them alive for daring to own a Bible in their own language. Does this sound like someone who you would give a sainthood to? I doubt it. This alone to me, makes the idea that the church wants to disseminate the word of god is nonsense.

And then we come to children. We all know the the scandal of the mass child abuse done by Catholic priests. What did the church do to stop this when this scandal was brewing? Firstly, the told the priests not to talk to the police or anyone else because they wanted the investigation to be “strained by silence”. And some of the priests who were convicted were ‘sentenced’ to a “lifetime of prayer and penance” for “causing suffering to the church” and also said that the answer to stop these acts of child abuse was to stop gays from being allowed into the church. Not only did the church know about the child abuse, they bent over backwards to protect the abusers and only sentenced them


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