My Opinion On Abortion

This is without a doubt, one of the most controversial subject to discuss. Half of the people think it’s a woman’s right, the other half think its bloody murder. This subject itself to me, is a sensitive topic as I am kinda split down the middle.

I am pro-choice.

I believe abortions should be available, however, not only do I not agree by the way feminists want it normalized, I understand where most pro-life people are coming from. I also think it should only be allowed under certain circumstances, like rape, underage like school girls, the baby has a high chance of dying mere hours after birth or could kill the mother. The main reason I think it should be allowed is that women throughout history have died from getting illegal and dangerous abortions, so a safe alternative should be available. That’s me generalizing a lot of my points so I’ll get a bit more specific.

I believe the fetus is alive after 20-21 weeks, which is when it can survive outside the mother’s womb. After that, its called a ‘partial birth abortion’ as the baby is pulled out in pieces. That I don’t agree with, once you go beyond 20 weeks, you cannot abort it. Now, some feminist could say “Partial birth abortions aren’t a thing!” Except sweetie, they are. They have been a thing for many years. Admittedly, it was made illegal in 2003 but that law was fought by many feminists, and Hilary Clinton. Today, most feminists and pro-choice people would say that was a horrible thing, so they say it isn’t a thing, forgetting that they defended it after it was banned.

Now, they will say that they don’t defend late term abortions but rebuttal that by saying that only 1.3% of abortions are late term, and they are because the baby could have a fatal birth defect or serious risk to the mother’s life. Now, I did defend that but lets look at what a birth defect is. I said that as it may die days or hours after birth, but under the law, a birth defect is a disability. It doesn’t cause a risk to the mother’s life, at all. They just don’t wanna go through having a disabled child to they choose to abort it. That, I do not accept. According to studies, 90% of down syndrome babies in America are aborted. In the UK, 53% of prenatally diagnosed fetuses/babies are aborted. Half of them are aborted because they may have a birth defect. Will they die after being born? No. Would the birth kill the mother? No. So it should be illegal.

Now, what if the baby is a serious risk to the mother’s life? That is a decent point, if they both will die, why not save one? That is something I agree with as a mother shouldn’t have to die to have a baby. Some would do that and some would not. However, what is a serious risk to the mother? To me, its that they will die. But, abortion laws don’t include anything about the mother’s life, only their health. Health is different from life as anything can be filed under health, it can be small things like stress or anxiety or loss of appetite, they could even fake a health risk to get an abortion. That shouldn’t be allowed. Also, lets look at that number of late-term abortions, 1.3%. That is still 13,000 per year, 350+ per day. Doesn’t seem like such a small number now.

Anyway, thats my position. I know its unpopular but it is mine.


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