People Don’t Understand The Men’s Rights Movement

Men’s Rights Movement

A group similar to the Nazis, according to some feminists, The MRA’s are often victims of assault, whether it’s physical, verbal or online, every gathering of their members are protested aggressively by feminists, who label them as sexist. misogynistic bigots who think that women deserve rape and women are men’s property. Now, is that true? No, you idiot. That is what they’ve been labeled as by feminists, ask anyone what the Men’s Rights Movement is about and they’ll say some rant by a misinformed feminist they read on a Facebook post. I’ve asked people this question and they say the same thing, sexist liars who hate women. However, some of them have admitted that MRA’s have good ideas and are well informed. How can you call a movement who raise good arguments and have good ideas on issues like gender inequality ‘misogynistic’? Wouldn’t that make you a misogynist for admitting that? Really, MRA’s make very good arguments and are very intellectual when it comes to discussion, but suffer from actual sexists who claim to be an MRA. People get mad when a radical feminist says something like “Every man should die” and that is seen as what every feminist believes, so why doesn’t that apply to this movement? That is a massive double standard that is endorsed because no one wants to listen to the MRA’s or their arguments.

Also, a misogynist is someone who hates women just because they are women, like a racist is someone who hates someone based solely on their race. But the MRA’s are seen as being self-centered and only caring about men and men’s issues. Where is the hatred for women? I don’t know if you realize this but most men like women, a lot actually, that’s why they date them, marry them and have families with them and guess what? MRA’s do like women. Just because you disagree with someone or some some group or are more concerned about you then someone else, doesn’t mean you hate them. If I don’t give money to a charity because I need that money to buy food, doesn’t mean I hate that charity. Another argument about MRA’s being misogynists is that they attack female privilege while ignoring male privilege. By what you’ve just said, feminists are just as bad as they attack male privilege while ignoring their own. But they want equality, right? Then they’ll say that women don’t have privilege, then I’ll say that women always get custody of children during divorces, get rape and sexual assault accusations taken seriously and women get 63% less prison time then a man for the exact same crime. Then they’ll either ignore you or admit that is privilege but say it’s not as bad as male privilege, which is such a ridiculous argument because you say there is no privilege then say they do but not as bad because they “rule the world” while 99% of men will never have that level of power and the world has had female leaders.

Another argument is that MRA’s are minimizing concerns over domestic abuse, just because they that men can get abused too, by female partners. I don’t get how that’s minimizing concerns, I see it as quite the opposite as it isn’t letting female abusers get away with it. They then say that, if that is true, that it is a tiny percent and females get it much more. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, to me, it sounds like you are minimizing the concerns about domestic abuse as you only care about the female side of it. There are studies like chapter 4 of that shows the numbers of male domestic abuse victims are at roughly the same number as women in relationships, which mean its in the millions. Not such a tiny percentage now, is it? All we ever hear is the “1 in 4 women in college are sexually assaulted” nonsense which has been debunked many times. Read the report and you’ll see that the numbers of men being abused are roughly the same as women, yet there are no men’s shelters for abuse victims because their told to just man up. People say that women abusing men is extremely rare when in reality, it’s pretty even, it’s just that men being abused isn’t taken seriously by most people so no report is filed. Why aren’t feminists, who want equality, not speaking up about this? Oh right, because really, you don’t care. You wanna be the victims and never wanna lose that. You are minimizing domestic abuse by valuing women’s experiences over men.


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